Dak.gg Esports provides a variety of information about VALORANT matches!

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[Preview] provides opponent record and recent record information to estimate the team's power in advance.

Can the team I cheer for win the rivalry? Or, we can see if they can continue their winning streak.

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[ALL SET] provides MAP BAN/PICK and SIDE PICK information.

Please keep an eye on whether you can win through favorable map ban picks. 🙂

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In addition to this, we provide 'TEAM STATS' and 'PLAYER STATS' for [ALL SET] and [Each Set].

In the TEAM STATS, you can check the power of each 'attack' and 'defense', and the PLAYER STATS is exposed at the top based on the player with the highest ACS, so you can intuitively compare the skills of each player.

In the future, Dak.gg eSports plans to provide various and interesting information such as ‘Strategy by Eco’, ‘Multi Kill & Clutch’, and ‘Kill Between Players’, so please pay attention.

[link to VCT EMEA]

[link to VCT Americas]